How can I remember to take my medications?

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Taking medication on a daily (and even hourly) basis can be a hassle and is regularly forgotten, resulting in health impacts that could’ve be avoidable. Remembering to take your medication, as well as the correct dosage, is so important and potentially life changing! By following these four easy steps you can keep control of your pills, healthcare and your life – without having to be in an aged care facility!

  1. Use a pill box: The pill box is a self-explanatory organisation tool to help you remember your every day medication and correct dosages. Just take a few minutes out on your Sunday to split your daily medications up – pill boxes with am and pm are also easy to purchase from your local chemist.
  2. Assistance from a family member or HCA Home healthcare professional: If you’re using a pill box, on the day you must refill it, you may have troubles working out the right dosages or which medications to take on what day.

To achieve this help, get a family member, or even a support worker or nurse to aid you in this activity for just a few hours once a week.


  1. Another way you can remember to take pills is to link them to daily activities. Incorporate your medications within your daily routines by remembering to take them with:

– Meals

– When you turn on/off your alarm

– When you have a shower

– When you brush your teeth

By doing this taking your medications become a seamless habit within your everyday life.

  1. Keeping your medications out in the open can also help you remember. This is a great way to create new habits, especially when taking new pills – leave them on your bedside table or a place you see often to create this routine.

By getting help from family or our HCA nurses/support workers once a week, you can get your dosages and medications under control allowing you to be more independent and live a healthier life.

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