Ian’s Story

By Ian, an aged care customer

“I’ve been supported for nearly five years now. Brett is so helpful and more than that – he’s like a friend if anything. It’s not just what he does for me. He’s been with me a long time and he’s a real pleasure to have in my life.

The day-to-day things are made so much better with Brett. He takes me out once a fortnight on a Monday to the shopping centre. He stays with me and I have lunch and afternoon tea. We have a look through the shops and sometimes I’ll buy myself clothes. I couldn’t do these things and get out and about without him there to help.

It’s not just daily tasks though. There’s been some pretty big things I get help with too. I recently went on a holiday to Queensland for six days and I had two male carers come with me and make sure things went smoothly. They would help me to do things like get in and out of bed. I had a great time and there’s no way I could even think about doing something like that without the help. When I moved to where I live now I had help packing my things and getting unpacked and settled at the other end. It really made everything much easier and less stressful.

If I think about what’s really important, more than anything it’s about being able to keep going out and keep socialising. I couldn’t do it without Brett.”

– Ian, customer.

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