Understanding your funding

The NDIS is designed to provide you with funding for necessary supports and services to improve your everyday life. The amount of funding you receive is based on your individual plan and needs to last for the entire duration, typically 12 months after your plan started. It does not roll over into your next plan so any funding that is not used will be lost. As a result, you may receive less funding in your next plan as NDIS may see it as an indicator that your disability and the amount of support you require has changed over time.

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How NDIS pricing works

The price guide for NDIS providers is designed to give you more choice of providers and get your money’s worth for the services you need. It sets the price for some supports, such as 1-to-1 assistance with self-care activities and 1-to-1 assistance to access community, social and recreational activities.

The NDIS allocations range from $44.61 per hour for the type of support HCA Home offers, depending on what state you live in. The price guide is updated annually by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency), effective 1 July each year. For more information, visit the NDIS website here.

To help you understand the different prices for the services you require, we’ve created a rate table for 1-to-1 standard support with HCA Home:

*Notes: Indicative rates to be used as a guide. Information is based on NSW rates provided by the NDIA Price Guide Feb 2019. Rates may vary based on level of support customer needs – standard, high intensity level 1, high intensity level 2, high intensity level 3. Rates may vary by state – East Pricing (VIC, NSW, QLD) and West Pricing (SA, WA, NT). Prices are subject to change by NDIA.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

NDIA have introduced the TTP in the price guide for 2019 – 20 to replace the existing Temporary Support for Overheads.

From 1st July 2019, providers can charge the TTP support price. The 2019 – 20 price guide explains the requirements that HCA and other providers have to meet in relation to TTP. We have complied with these requirements. You can find out more about the TTP and our TTP price list in NDIS price guide 2019 – 20 and the NDIS support catalogue.

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How we can help you make the most out of your funding

Participants are either fearful of overspending or overspend unintendedly, and as a result, do not receive the supports needed. Those cautious of overspending often do not spend their funding and lose it. Those that overspend may occur for reasons such as illness, providers not monitoring shift bookings and/or support coordinators not understanding pricing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help you get more out of your funding, meaning extra hours of support for you. How we can make this happen is because we have dedicated care coordinators and consultants to support NDIS participants. This is unique to HCA Home.

Our team will get to know you to identify the support services we feel can help you reach your goals and then we will work with you to understand your budgeting options so that you can receive the supports you need, when you need them.

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How payment works

If you receive NDIS funding, the way you pay for the support received through HCA Home will depend on how your NDIS funding is managed. It will be either NDIA-managed, plan-managed or self-managed. This is how they differ:

  • NDIA Managed Plans

    HCA Home will negotiate all terms with you (or your representative) and arrange payment with the NDIA directly.

  • Self-Managed Plans

    HCA Home will negotiate all terms with you (or your representative) and arrange payment with you via the portal.

  • Plan Managed (recommended)

    HCA Home will negotiate all terms with you (or your representative) and arrange payment with a nominated third-party provider.

If you’re not covered under the NDIS yet, or even if you just want some extra support, we can provide services through a range of different funding options, such as state government packages, privately funded services and insurance payouts.

Other funding options

State government disability packages

Many states across Australia continue to fund disability services in areas which have yet to transition to the NDIS. If you are in receipt of a government package, whether it’s an ISP, Your Life Your Choice or any other kind of state package, HCA Home may be able to assist you with services during the transition period. We understand the complexity of funding options available in each area and can discuss your available options with you.

Privately funded services

If you find that you have one-off requests, such as travel or holiday assistance, need help during extended periods of respite or if you find that the NDIS or state-funded budgets available to you don’t cover all the services required, you can choose to privately fund extra services.

Insurance payout

If you’ve experienced total or permanent disability, you may be provided with third-party insurance payments.

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