Disability care

Russell Shewan

Russell Shewan

General Manager

Russell joined Healthcare Australia in 2019 as the General Manager of HCA Home (NDIS). Russell has over 20 years’ experience in Strategy, Business Development, Commercial Management, Marketing, Communications, Governance, Finance and Project Management. Russell is passionate about working with teams to deliver inspiring solutions for clients and driving organisation change through effective processes and the creative use of technology.

Prior to joining HCA Russell held the position of Executive Director at one of Australia’s leading non-profit disability organisations.

Russell’s strategic thinking, commercial acumen and technical fact-driven financial analysis has developed across Human Services, Government, Manufacturing, Logistics, communications, retail, eCommerce, and Financial Services.

A combination of Board appointments, senior commercial, business development, operational and technology-based roles has provided Russell with the opportunity to manage every stage of commercial operations, organisation governance, opportunity development, projects and business transformation.

Sheila Surman

Sheila Surman

NDIS Business Manager - VIC

Sheila leads the HCA Home's NDIS team in VIC, servicing the state's metro regions. She is passionate about providing a quality service that supports people within non-government organisations and direct ISP/NDIS customers with disability.

She has worked in roles where a focus on quality was vital such as research, education and commercial pharmaceuticals in roles such as Lead Researcher, Senior Lecturer and Scientific Recruitment Business Manager. Since 2014 Sheila has worked in the community sector, with Randstad and HCA, and has gained respect as a manager who is an honest, open communicator with a genuine drive to improve the quality of life for clients and customers while creating a safe and rewarding working environment for support staff.

Sheila has a keen interest in the policies and laws that govern and shape the world for people with disability and the workforce that supports them. She brings solid business acumen coupled with an enthusiasm to provide a value service while making ethical decisions that lead to business growth and success.

Sheila’s responsibility extends to the delivery of staffing, recruitment, NDIS and disability services throughout the metropolitan areas of VIC and will act as the operational implementation lead, recruitment and HR lead for projects which occur in VIC.

Leeanne Orton

Leeanne Orton

NDIS Business Manager - NSW

Leeanne is responsible for HCA Home's NDIS team in NSW. She brings over ten years' experience working within the Human Resources industry as well as a long history of successfully leading teams toward positive and effective change. During this time she has partnered with and worked closely with various care organisations. Leeanne has a genuine desire to empower and enable the growth of her staff and truly believes in the importance of shifting community attitudes to make a substantial difference in the sector. She is committed to providing effective and restorative care of the highest quality. Leanne is truly passionate about the importance of long-term care goals to encourage and enable the vulnerable to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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